The word is in and the rumors have been put to rest. The name of the PS3's controller is…wait for it: Six Axis.

Today, Sony announced a slew of PS3 accessories, and one of the first details was the replacement name for their standard Dual Shock. Simply because the new controller doesn't feature rumble, they needed something new, and the official label indicates the PS3 controller's motion-sensing abilities.

As was the case last generation, every PS3 will come with one controller, and those who want multiplayer will have to purchase another separately. Of course, the retail price was next on Sony's agenda: In Japan, the Six Axis will cost 5,000 yen, which is approximately 40 USD. As expected, this is more expensive than the Dual Shock controllers – priced at 3,000 yen – but a U.S. price tag isn't solidified as of yet.

In addition to the basics, Sony went a little further by unveiling a few previously unknown aspects of the controller. For example, each will have a Lithium Ion battery unit built in, and you'll be able to connect to the PS3 with a USB cable for recharging purposes. One charge only takes ten minutes, and you will be able to play online while a controller is charging. However, we don't know if Sony will include a USB cable in the controller packaging.

More details on the way; it's a big day for PS3 peripherals.

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