Yesterday, From Software announced a finalized Japanese release date and price for Armored Core 4 , and although the date is straightforward, the price may raise a question or two.

The popular mech-based franchise is set to hit Japan store shelves on December 14, and the game should make a good addition to the PS3's library this year. According to our recent article , we revealed that Armored Core 4 would make it's way to the U.S. some time in the Spring.

While the dated information comes as no real surprise, the price may spark some more PS3 software pricing controversy. Although at least a half-dozen PS3 games have unofficially received the $59.99 price here in North America, nothing has been written in stone. These same games should cost 6,800 yen in Japan, but Armored Core 4 has received a price tag of 8,190 yen. However, it should be noted that all other installments in the AC franchise had this same price point.

For now, we'll just assume it's another in a string of high-priced Armored Core games, but until Sony offers an official announcement regarding a cemented price for PS3 software, the rumors will continue to fly. And for the record, this game is also slated for a Xbox 360 release, but From Software did not reveal a date or price for that version.

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