Today, Sega of Japan announced full Japanese release details for the PS3 version of Sonic the Hedgehog , and they also took another step in clarifying the PS3 software price controversy.

The fleet-of-foot blue hero will blaze into stores on December 21, and will sport a retail price tag of 6,800 yen (just under 58 USD). This is actually a current generation amount; most PS2, Xbox, and GC games are assigned that price. Does this mean we can expect a $49.99 deal here in the U.S.? We should find out before too long, but PS3 owners should probably anticipate the normal – yet still not officially confirmed – $59.99 tag.

This information concerns only the PS3 version, as we still don't have a Japanese release date for the Xbox 360 Sonic .

At the same time, Sega further announced a price for Sega Golf Club , which is slated to ship for the PS3's launch on 11/11. The former arcade hit will also retail for 6,800 yen, which brings us even closer to securing and verifying the accepted $59.99 prediction.

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