Admit it, you're not getting the least bit sick of the flurry of MGS4 news over the past few days. Hell, you probably loved reading about all of the freebies and extras you get with the various packages and bundles. But here's something we didn't mention, simply because we didn't notice, how about an additional freebie?

When you purchase your Metal Gear Solid 4 PlayStation 3 bundle, inside the PS3 box will also be a voucher code to redeem yet another free downloadable game, PAIN. While it's not quite the price of a full-fledged game, costing a mere $9.99, you're still getting something extra to play free of charge, and free is always good.

This bit of news was brought to our attention when we were told to read the black label on the PS3 bundle box, and so we noticed a line that reads "PAIN downloadable game voucher." We've attached that little blurb for your viewing pleasure.
You can also check out our
, which was rather favorable.

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13 years ago


Dmitry Malayev
Dmitry Malayev
13 years ago

Goddamn, now i want the Gun Metal MGS4 bundle!