Fans had been calling for an official PlayStation blog for quite a while, and last year, Sony finally answered. As it turns out, they kicked off a great source of information for gamers and journalists alike, as the frequent updating and inside information has been most appreciated. And now, they're an official Webby Honoree in the Games-Related category, and they've also introduced several new features. Here's Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein talking about the good news-

"Day in, day out we come into work, and it’s heads down trying to crank out a post or two about something new to the world of PlayStation. We know we’re doing a decent job when we pull in a couple hundred comments, or when that post rating inches close to 5.00. But it’s nice to hear it from the outside – which is what happened today. This here PlayStation.Blog is an official Webby Honoree in the Games-related category."

Fellow honorees include Destructoid, GameDaily, GamesRadar and GameSpot, so the official PlayStation blog is certainly amongst some prestigious company. Rubenstein does say there's room for improvement, though, and they're going to "serve the readers better." He referenced the latest updates, which have included "in-line commenting, faster loading, post tagging, and post ratings." Lastly, he pointed out one brand new feature (tag feeds) and explained how it works-

"See the tags at the bottom of this post (”awards, psb”)? They can be used to find all the posts this blog has ever put out there on specific topics – pretty standard in the blogosphere. But here’s something that isn’t: you can now subscribe to any of these tags. So say you only want to be notified when new Resistance info is posted. Just click on the Resistance tag, and all the Resistance-related posts will show up."

Very cool. We're fans of the blog ourselves, primarily because we think Sony reps have done a fantastic job of posting up all kinds of great information every week. This blog doesn't just sit there, hoping to be noticed on brand name recognition alone; it steps up and gets itself noticed. Congrats, guys!

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13 years ago