During his keynote speech at the start of the show, Sony president Ken Kutaragi implied that Sega Genesis and Turbo Grafx games might soon be part of the PS3's download program. And even though he didn't confirm anything and was only talking about the long-term (much like the rest of his address), rumors nonetheless started to swirl.

Today, Sega stepped up and clarified the current situation for those who assumed too much. In a statement released to the press, Sega basically reinforced Kutaragi's "non-confirming" attitude.

"Distribution of Mega Drive content through e-Distribution is something that cannot be formally announced by our company," said the Sega statement, usinig the Japanese name for the Genesis. "We're now at the step of looking into it."

So while this news nixes any possibility of immediate Sega downloads on the PS3, at least they're "looking into it." Here's hoping those old classics aren't limited to the Wii's Virtual Console!

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