After Kutaragi announced the price drop of the 20GB PS3 in Japan, sources all over the world began to question the possibility of a North American price slash. Some even went so far as to report the cut as a global event.

Well, no such luck. Sony just clarified what most at the show already expected- the price of the 20GB PS3 will remain at $499.99 when it's released in the U.S. and Europe. In a quote delivered to GameSpot earlier today, Sony Computer President Kaz Hirai gave the official company stance-

"In the US, we're comfortable with the pricing that we announced at E3–$499 for the 20 gigabyte version and $599 for the 60-gigabyte version," said Hirai. "There are no plans right now to adjust the pricing for the US market."

As a small consolation prize, Hirai did confirm that all of the low-end PS3s would include the HDMI port. This announcement came a few days ago, but it was only confirmed for the Japanese systems at the time.

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