According to Japan's Impress Watch gaming site, Gran Turismo 4 HD won't just be cheap; it might not cost more than a Starbucks cup of mocha java.

Series producer Kazunori Yamauchi released the information a little while ago, which essentially states that the game will be available for the price of the disc and instruction manual. This would translate to just a few American dollars.

As announced earlier , GT 4 HD will contain two modes of gameplay: Classic mode, which is the original GT 4 running in 1080p with a few other minor enhancements, and a focus on online play. We also found out there will be no cars or tracks available from the start; they must be purcahsed online for a small fee. The second mode is Premium, which is for those not quite so keen on the idea of online multiplayer. It offers a sneak peak at the GT 5 graphics engine and will also include 30 new cars and 2 new tracks. These, thankfully, are provided free of charge.

Sony has made it clear that the Premium mode will have available downloads, though. They will make 30 more cars and 2 more tracks for Premium, but as with the Classic mode, it's expected these will cost a few bucks apiece. Gran Turismo HD is reported to be 70% complete, and currently scheduled for a December Japanese release.

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