Historically, only the PC has provided gamers with tools that allow them to create modifications – character changes, full-scale gameplay conversions, etc. – in existing titles. But it seems that Unreal Tournament 2007 for the PS3 will be the first console game to sport this kind of player control and interaction.

Epic Games will grant fans access to create their own content for the upcoming FPS, by distrubiting Epic development tools to PS3 users. The studio's CEO, Tim Sweeney, discussed the benefits of the PS3 architecture at TGS today, and during the Q&A, he mentioned Sony's "enlightened business model." This led to the subject of fan-created content in UT2k7.

In comparison, Microsoft is already working on something similar with the release of their XNA tools, but this service only allows users to develop their own games from scratch. Currently, there is nothing available that would let a player add or alter content within an existing title. Sweeney summarizes Microsoft's response to the idea in this way-

"Unfortunately it's [Xbox Live] more of a closed platform, and they've been quite negative toward user-created content," he said.

The implications of this news could be far-reaching. The PC has used this model of gamer-produced content successfully, and it appears that Sony is attempting to emulate the theory. Epic is excited about the effort, and now we'll just wait to see if Microsoft follows suit…you may recall MS's HD-DVD update a few days ago.

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