After a relatively hum-drum opening day, Sony dropped all kinds of new game information in our laps, especially concerning the PS3 Japanese launch.

First of all, they've confirmed five new titles for the system: Ninja Gaiden Sigma , Sega Golf Club , flOw , Wangan Midnight , and Shirokishi . This must've gotten the gears turning, because Sony then started getting into the specifics of the 11/11 PS3 launch in Japan. They've announced six games that will definitely be on the shelves for Japan's launch day, and gave us more concrete dates for several future titles as well.

Games confirmed for Japanese launch: Genji: Days of the Blade , Mah-Jong Fight Club Online , Mobile Suit Gundam , Target in Sight , Resistance: Fall of Man , Sega Golf Club , and Ridge Racer 7 . Armored Core 4 won't quite make it for 11/11, but it should still arrive some time in November.

And for December, they confirmed three titles ( Gran Turismo HD , F1 Championship , MotorStorm ), with three more carrying the general "Winter 2006" release date ( Need for Speed Carbon , Enchant Arm , and the railroad simulator, Railfan ). The last two announced games will be available "some time in 2006": Sonic the Hedgehog and Fatal Inertia .

For 2007: Virtua Fighter 5 , Virtua Tennis 3 , Lair , Heavenly Sword , Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realms , Wangan Midnight , and The Eye of Judgment are set for "spring." Everybody's Golf 5 and Warhawk should land in "summer." Other games with nothing more than the "2007" release tag are Coded Arms: Assault , Afrika , and the much-anticipated Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots .

And of course, no report is complete without those teasing "TBA" games that everyone wants more info on: Devil May Cry 4 , Final Fantasy XIII , Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War , flOw , and Shirokishi . Well…they're still TBA.

Although this update is very helpful, Sony reminds everyone that this is hardly the full Japan release schedule, which has not been officially announced. It's also not representative of the PS3 launch and future lineup for North America, where developers like Activision, Take-Two, and EA have already confirmed several games to land before January 2007. Expect to see more from the U.S. release list in the coming days.

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