After a rather uneventful press conference in which president Ken Kutaragi outlined the benefits of the PS3 architecture, but curiously avoided any game specifics, he casually dropped an interesting bit of news during a Q&A session.

We know there will be two versions of the PS3, but it seems a couple things have changed regarding the lower-end 20GB "core" system. At E3, Sony announced that only the 60GB PS3 would sport HDMI ports, but now it appears the 20GB version will also have the the HD port. Kutaragi didn't mention territory specifics, but we assume he was referring to the worldwide form factor.

Furthermore, Kutaragi revealed the Japanese price tag for the aformentioned 20GB PS3: 49,999 yen (about $429), a good $70 cheaper than what it will retail for here in the U.S. The 60GB version will cost $599.99 USD, but has an "open price" in Japan, which means retailers can charge whatever they want on launch day.

Sony's president also reinforced the statements he made during his keynote speech regarding the "big picture," saying his "full vision for the PS3 would be realized within the next three to five years." He also talked a bit more about the online aspect (PlayStation Network Platform) and even apologized for the European delay. However, the aforementioned is by far the biggest Sony news thus far at TGS. Expect so see a lot more game details in the days to come.

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