Sega is slated to publish the newest addition to FromSoftware's long-running Armored Core franchise, and gamers can expect to see it on shelves for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 this spring.

In contrast to recent installments and in an effort to go totally "next-gen," Armored Core 4 will be fully online. Furthermore, the team is working to enhance the customization of the mechs; the level of depth and detail involved in enhancing your robo-killer should be second-to-none. They'll also have a revamped damage system to counter several fan complaints over the past few years.

Scott A Steinberg, VP of Marketing for Sega of America, had this to say-

"FromSoftware is a very talented team that specialize in developing mech-based combat games," said Steinberg. "Building on the success of Chromehounds, we believe that Armored Core 4 will deliver an action-packed experience that will not only cater to the diehard fans, but will attract new fans to the mech-based combat genre."

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