Microsoft recently announced they'd be providing software to all Xbox 360s that will allow for 1080p (progressive scan), the ultimate high-definition viewing experience. Today, Sony offered up a relatively scathing retort:

"It's unfortunate that Microsoft's external HD-DVD drive will not enhance the experience at all for the gamer," said Dave Karraker, senior director of Corporate Communications for SCEA. "Sony realizes that to truly take gaming into the next generation requires a larger data format for both games and movies. PS3 uses the Blu-ray format for gaming, giving developers 50 GB of high-definition storage on a single disc, while Microsoft's 9 GB DVD gaming format is an obstacle for storing HD content. Furthermore, Microsoft's announced HD games patch is really just a compatibility feature — upscaling lower-resolution content does not make it Full HD (1080p), something that PS3 can do out of the box."

This is exactly the kind of nose-thumbing we journalists love to see at the big gaming shows, and don't expect the competing "so there!"s to end here. We'll keep ya hooked into the mud-slinging and gossip as TGS progresses.

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