Everyone's speculating on how well Nintendo and Sony will fare in the new generation, especially with two vastly different competing consoles. But one of the earliest market predictions has the PS3 outselling the Wii by almost 2-1 before 2011 rolls around.

On Wednesday, BusinessWeek reported that a Japanese analyst firm expects Sony to sell around 71 million units in five years time, with the Wii selling approximately 40 million in that same time frame. Apparently, they're counting on hardcore gamers to side with Sony, and they further propose that Wii sales might actually hinder the DS's performance.

Nintendo continues to bank on their accessible price tag of $249.99, hoping that casual gamers – and even people who never before bought a game system – will be potential consumers. The PS3 is slated to release two days before the Wii on November 17.

As we get closer to the launch of these two consoles, expect to see more predictions from analysts. But if this first one is indicative of the typical analyst response, Sony can only view this as good news.

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