One of the biggest upcoming battles in the tech world is supposed to center on HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray, but it appears that Warner wants to play spoiler before the fireworks even begin.

Yesterday, Warner Home Video's top engineers filed a patent to produce a single disc that will support DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-Ray. It's a relatively shocking occurrence at this point in the so-called "war," even though we're not entirely certain how this would affect the gaming industry. However, with the PS3 sporting Blu-Ray and the Xbox 360 going full DVD/HD-DVD, a disc such as Warner's should have some impact.

One part of the patent application reads-

" A general problem with multiple formats of discs is that disc manufacturers must make various types of discs of each type in order to satisfy consumer demand for the content on those discs. From the standpoint of a manufacturer, it is disadvantageous to have to manufacture and distribute three different types of disc formats to satisfy consumer demand for one product, such as a motion picture. "

The technology will supposedly allow enough sufficient light for an HD-DVD player to disregard the Blu-ray recording and locate the HD-DVD layer underneath. The other side of this multi-faceted and multi-tiered disc would support DVDs. Good or bad? And what does this mean for the uber-fancy new Blu-Ray technology, and how it will be implemented for the future? Well, you be the judge. For now, it's just a very interesting piece of news.

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