According to an interview with Kazunori Yamauchi in the latest Famitsu issue, GT 4 HD may end up costing gamers more than they bargained for.

First of all, it appears there will be two versions of GT 4 HD for the PS3: Gran Turismo HD: Premium , a GT 5 prologue that includes two courses and around 30 cars, and Gran Turismo HD: Classic , which doesn't feature any courses or cars, but is designed as an online platform. These online races are rumored to support up to 20 cars, but if you want new cars and tracks, you might have to shell out the bucks.

Gamers can select from a giant list of 750 cars and 50 racetracks to download for Classic , but they won't be free. Each vehicle could cost 50-100 yen (about $.43-.85), and the courses might range between 200 and 500 yen (about $1.71-4.26), and none of these can be obtained by winning events. Furthermore, there might be limited downloads of special courses, although they remained quite vague concerning this issue.

What does this all mean? Well, evidently, it means that GT 4 HD players may have to lay out $500-800 just to take advantage of the cars and courses available via online access. Sony hasn't confirmed anything just yet, but this raises a lot of questions…all of which will hopefully be addressed at their TGS press conference. As soon as they come clean, we'll let you know.

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