The swirling rumors regarding a Ninja Gaiden sequel for the PS3 have been clarified, and while it's not exactly what we expected, it's still intriguing.

According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Team Ninja announced that they will provide the PS3 with a "complete version" of Ninja Gaiden in the form of Ninja Gaiden Sigma . Even though it's not a sequel, the developers are changing just about every aspect of the original Xbox title: from overhauling the settings, character details and effects to real-time cinema scenes, Sigma should downright glitter.

Furthermore, there will be several gameplay enhancements as well. Fans of one of the greatest action titles in history can expect new moves, actions and weapons for the main character, thus granting the possibility of new combos. And perhaps best of all, Hayabusa's busty comrade, Racheal, will be playable, allowing the player to experience the story through her br-…er…eyes.

They estimate the game to be about 25% complete, but there is no Japanese release date as of yet.

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