The Japanese launch of the PS3 will give gamers more than one golf option on opening day.

In addition to Hot Shots Golf 5 , Sega has added their arcade golf title, Sega Golf Club , to the launch lineup list. Officially titled, Miyazato San Kyoudai Naizou Sega Golf Club , which somehow translates to "Sega Golf Club, with the Miyazato Siblings Built In," the game has been mildly popular in Japan over the past year. But because it had a special arcade setup to play, they're going to be making some alterations to the PS3 version.

The most notable essential change regards the core gampelay, as Sega needed to (obviously) make the game compatible with the PS3 controller. In the arcade version, there was a small analogue lever for swinging, so for the PS3 version, the focus will be on the left analogue stick. You tilt the stick, rotate it to set the power, and then release at just the right time to swing. Essentially, it seems similar to the Hot Shots style, only with an added mechanic.

They've also added several new gameplay elements to entice the golf-loving consumer. Putter Golf, which will test your short-game via a variety of tricky greens, and the traditional 18-hole round anchor the menu options. Beyond this, you'll also have two more unique modes-

The first is a Challenge mode, which could also be called Survival. You must pass the hole's objective, which doesn't always involve getting the ball in the cup, and you can then select two more holes of varying difficulty. The other is a 3-Hole Match, which pits two human players against each other, betting items as they go.

And finally, there will be several playable characters, but you can also create a custom character right off the bat. Both PS3 golf titles will be on display at TGS next week.

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