As most of us know, there will be two versions of the PS3 – one with a 20 GB hard drive, priced at $499.99 and the other with a 60 GB drive, HDMI output, card reader, and a few other bonuses for $599.99 – but there's been some question as to how Sony planned to split the two in terms of shipments. It seems that question has been answered, at least as far as the launch is concerned.

Yesterday, a Lazard Capital Markets analyst mentioned to clients that the PS3 shipment will favor the Premium systems by a split of 80/20. It's believed that by making 80% of the available PS3's Premium, Sony can cut down on building costs and and losses on the core console.

Although early reports stated that North America would only see 400,000 units for launch, Sony has promised another 800,00 by year's end, supposedly guaranteeing the U.S. and Japan 1.2 million units each before 2006 is over. And while consumers still have a choice, it's clear that Sony will be putting a much heavier emphasis on the Premium console package.

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