As we all know, the rumble is gone from Sony's controller for the next generation, so it can't be called "Dual Shock," anymore. Now, there's a new name circulating through Internet rumor circles, and it's "Sixaxis."

The term has been used multiple times by Sony representatives, although certainly not in regards to an actual controller title. However, the similarities may mean something…one of their most publicized quotes reads-

"The controller for PS3 employs breakthrough technology of high-precision, highly sensitive six-axis sensing system that does not require any devices other than the controller itself for seamless interactive operation, thus eliminating additional settings to TVs. With this technology, ways to enjoy PS3 will be further enhanced by accessing PS3 through the network, while retaining the six-axis sensing capability."

Obviously, they haven't released the offical name of the controller just yet, but it's expected they will at TGS in only one week's time. Sony is awfully keen on that "six-axis sensing system," so it shouldn't shock anyone if they adopted the name for the next-gen. We'll be sure to clarify the instant it's announced.

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