Activision had a big day today, presenting probing eyes and cocked ears with a couple key points of next-gen interest.

The first announcement is more of a confirmation for what most gamers anticipated, and that involves the price of PS3 software. From Activision's standpoint, it's clear their games will cost the expected $60, as confirmed by Activision CEO, Robert Kotick. At the Merrill Lynch Media and Entertainment Conference yesterday, Kotick released the following statement-

"We have not seen a lot of consumer resistance at the higher price points and we expect that all of our next-generation products will be launched at $60 price points."

Most developers have supported the $10 rise in games since the launch of the Xbox 360, primarily due to the increased cost of production. But an Activision representative quickly clarified to GameSpot that this $60 price tag only relates to their PS3 software; they were not specific about Wii software prices.

In addition to the price, Kotick also unveiled Activision's launch line-up for the PS3 and Wii. Call of Duty 3 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance will appear on both systems, while the PS3 gets Tony Hawk's Project 8 and the Wii receives Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam. Furthermore, Kotick hinted at a big upcoming year for the company.

"When you look out at our fiscal '08 titles, this is the largest in the history of our company," Kotick said, "starting with our June quarter, with Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, Transformers, later in the year new releases Call of Duty, Tony Hawk Next, The Bee Movie, a Marvel title, a new Guitar Hero, and more to come." ( Source Quote )

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