E3 may be no more, but the Tokyo Game Show is chomping at the bit.

Each year it seems the huge international show – once secondary only to E3 – gets larger and more popular. Last year, they sported a record 516 titles, and they're poised to shatter that record yet again in 2006. A whopping 573 games are on tap for the show, and that's taken directly from the official CESA list. There's a good possibility that even more games could be awaiting eager fans and journalists come September 22, so expect a huge amount of updates, info, and details for your favorite future games.

Of the 573, the numbers break down this way-

PC- 127

Cell Phones- 125

PS2- 100

DS- 52

PSP- 33

Xbox 360- 20

PS3- 18

Wii- 5

GBA- 2

Xbox- 1

GC- 1

PS1- 1

One of the more intriguing numbers here is the 100 titles for the PS2. Granted, many may be Japanese-exclusive, but it seems clear that developers are going to continue creating titles for the system well into 2007. As for the rest, we'll just have to wait for September 22 to find out…

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