Earlier today, 1Up created some discussion and controversy when they released a quote from former president and CEO of Viacom, Tom Freston. It hinted that the PC utility Xfire would appear on the PS3, designed to handle messaging, voice and video chat, matchmaking, friends lists, etc. The Freston quote from an interview transcript supposedly read-

"Importantly, Xfire just signed a deal with Sony to create a version of their platform for the new PS3, which will now enable Xfire to extend its reach further into the huge console gaming market."

However, Xfire CEO Mike Cassidy has piped up to say the 1Up article wasn't entirely true. His quote, recently given to IGN, directly contradicts the above statements-

"We do have future announcements," said Cassidy. "For now I can only tell you Xfire is not part of PS3's PNP."

Apparently, it seems that a bit of Xfire's technology will be utilized in the PS3's launch title, Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. This is a far cry from installing Xfire as a major part of the PS3's structure, and the details regarding Untold Legends are also quite vague. Thankfully, Sony and Xfire claim they will further solidify the issue as the Tokyo Game Show creeps closer.

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