One of the game's premiere minds, responsible for gaming gems like Grim Fandango and Psychonauts, is teaming up with Vivendi's subsidiary, Sierra Entertainment.

Tim Schafer, president and CEO of Double Fine Productions, is one of the most praised and respected veterans in the industry, and teaming up with Sierra may be a match made in heaven. According to a recent press release, both parties are quite pleased to be working together.

"The Sierra team has been awesome to work with," said Schafer. "Everyone we've met brings experience from a small developer background, so they know where we're coming from and what we have to do to make a great game. Combine a developer-friendly attitude, support for innovation, major-publisher status with a worldwide scope and you have a perfect match for Double Fine."

The title is currently unnamed, but anyone familiar with Schafer's work in the past should already be salivating. Due to less-than-stellar sales, they apparently nixed the possibility of a Psychonauts sequel, which is most unfortunate. However, Double Fine is still going strong, and their new partnership may produce another potential classic very soon.

"Double Fine's track record for producing innovative, original and fun titles is second to none, and we're looking forward to bringing amazing games to market together," said Martin Tremblay, president of Worldwide Studios for Sierra Entertainment. "Tim Schafer brings an intense passion to developing games and the Sierra team also infuses great fervor into our own creative processes."

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