Capcom is gearing up for the immpending explosion that will be the fourth installment in the vaunted Devil May Cry franchise, and they're slowly but surely releasing some juicy tidbits for the action aficionados.

According to Famitsu and the new official Japanese website ( Devil May Cry 4 ), the following are a few points of interest-

— The main character will not be Dante. Instead, Nero is taking the helm this time 'round. Dante will be in the game, but it's believed he'll actually make his appearance as an enemy.

— The story takes place between DMC 1 and DMC 2.

— There will be a few new gameplay/combat systems, including something called an "acceleration" of the sword attack.

— A new series of actions as Nero will revolve around the new "Devil Bringer" skills, which apparently could not have been accomplished on the PS2.

— It should run at a solid 60 FPS.

Devil May Cry 4 will be playable at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, and that's probably the time to look for a slew of updates. If everything pans out as expected, despite Nero's dethroning of the cocky warrior, DMC should still rock your socks with unparalleled stylish action.

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