Maybe Santa didn't bring you gamers down under what you really wanted this past Christmas. Maybe you were hoping for a shiny new PlayStation 3 and a couple new games, and now, you're a little concerned about the total cost of purchasing the PS3, an extra controller, and a couple games. Most people want at least that with a new console, right?

Well, according to Kotaku, we suggest you check out Target. This picture here says it all: the promotional bundle for Australia will include a 40GB PS3, an extra Sixaxis controller, and one copy each of Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction and Heavenly Sword , and you can get it all for AU$779. If you bought it all piecemeal, your total would normally be over AU$880, which means you'll be saving at least AU$100. Considering the PS3 is more expensive in Australia than just about anywhere else, this deal should be a sight for sore eyes. We're not sure how long the promotion will last, though, so we suggest you move quickly if you wish to take advantage.

We'd love to see something like this come to North America. Europe is getting a similar deal with the new Starter Pack , but how come we're left out in the cold? Oh well, we suppose that PAL regions deserve some special treatment, especially considering all the software they've missed out on in recent years. Why shouldn't they get some deals like this?

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13 years ago

I'll take the bigger hard drive and DS3 controller any day!

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