Bad news, children. Square Enix has just given us word that
the info circling around about Final Fantasy XIII's release date
is inaccurate. We earlier reported that Motomu Toriyama had
stated we may be seeing FFXIII's release in 2008. Well, it
appears that the information we had sourced from Joystiq wasn't
correct, as it was mistranslated. Square Enix has issued the
correct translations of the Dengeki article where Toriyama made
his statement, as well as translation for a Famitsu article where
a Square Enix representative made a similar statement. And they

From Dengeki PlayStation Magazine

1. Speaker: Motomu Toriyama (Director of FINAL FANTASY XIII)

2. Many new revelations (including information on characters,
summons, and key terms) will be made in 2008

3. The director expressed hopes to make a hands-on demo version
available at the unveiling of the battle system

From Famitsu

1. Speaker: Publicity Representative

2. Many new revelations regarding FINAL FANTASY XIII will be made
in 2008, including possible availability of in-game footage.

We realize this is a blow to many of you, but it's better than we
know now than later. We'll keep you guys up to date with more.

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13 years ago

Aw well. The only way they can make up for this is by giving us a FF7 remake!

13 years ago

hmm, seems the development of XIII is almost as long and arduous as 12 was

13 years ago

It is kind of sad to see…

The Final Fantasy series is supposed to be Square-Enix's worldwide flagship series. I don't see why they would take so long to produced them now. Back during the PS1 era, they were churning out new games AND keeping the Final Fantasy's around to be released.

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