Last year's GameSpot ordeal is still a hot topic of conversation amongst gamers, and one of the most recent rumors centered on former employee Jeff Gerstmann and GameSpot founder, Vince Broady.

According to 1Up's Sam Kennedy, Gerstmann and Broady might be teaming up to deliver a competing gaming site, perhaps as a way of "striking back" at GameSpot. However, according to our very own – and very reliable – inside source, this rumor is untrue. Gerstmann and Broady have no plans to do this, so don't bother thinking up a great name for the new site. We have no further information on the matter at this time, but we do know the rumor started by 1Up really isn't accurate…as much as we'd love to see Gerstmann stick it to GameSpot for his "release," he must have other plans. It's unlikely this is the last we've seen of him, but it's a big "TBA" as to where he'll turn up.

GameSpot is currently undergoing some staff changes – as you may or may not have noticed – and life goes on. Most just want to put the whole fiasco behind them, and we're more than willing to do that. In many ways, though, we regret never hearing the "official truth" about Gerstmann's firing, so it'll be interesting to see what he decides to do in the future.

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