Next to the Grand Theft Auto IV release date announcement, this is easily the biggest release unveiling of 2008 so far: SCEA has issued the final release date and price for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue , so get ready, racing fans!

According to the most recent post over at the PlayStation blog by PR specialist Scott Goryl, Prologue will be available as both Blu-Ray disc (to be purchased at retail) and as a download on the PlayStation Store; both will be priced at $39.99. It will ship on April 17, which may or may not mean the Store version actually hits on the 17th while stores get the Blu-Ray disc on the 18th. While the two versions are identical in price, the BD Prologue will offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes high-def video feature called, "Beyond the Apex." It's basically a little "Making Of" documentary where you'll hear from the guys at Polyphony and see how they went about making this unbelievably realistic driving simulator.

The release date is a little later than we had previously anticipated – mid-March was the best estimate before – but that's okay. It's not that far off, and it should certainly be on your "must-buy" list. For further convincing, check out our hands-on preview of Gran Turismo: Prologue …we couldn't wait, we had to import it. Oh, and still no details on the eventual European release date, but we'll keep our ear to the ground for that.

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