The video game world is alive with the talk of another PlayStation 3 model, which would replace the 80GB version that is rumored to disappear from store shelves very soon. This new model could boast a 120GB hard drive and the new Dual Shock 3 controller for the same price as the 80GB model, which retails for $499.

However, as Sony never comments on "rumor and speculation," we've heard nothing official about this from SCEA. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, on the other hand, has told that no such model is scheduled to arrive in the UK.

"We do not currently have any plans to release a 120GB PlayStation 3 in the UK," said a spokesperson for SCEE.

This may hurt the rumor a bit, but we'd like to point out that SCEA has only been quiet on the subject; they haven't issued an outright denial. Perhaps this is a model that will only be available in North America…? Then again, the entire debate may be futile because Sony really isn't planning to release a new PS3 model any time soon, and will stick with the 40GB version for a while. Again, this is one of those "wait and see" scenarios, so we'll let you know if anything new transpires.

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