You probably already know this, but Killzone 2 is shaping up to be one massively expensive game. The first report said Guerilla was spending upwards of €21 million ($30 million) on the game, but Surfer Girl says they're actually spending a lot more than that, and it's due to a lack of "financial or work allocation skills" on the part of Guerilla management.

The nasty rumor not only says the game isn't looking too good right now, but it's also guaranteed to miss the estimated Fall 2008 release date. With the development cost number soaring up to €42 million ($60 million), the problems may compound to inoperable status, which – in a nightmare scenario – could bring the entire production to a screeching halt. The hotly anticipated title should easily eclipse Shenmue as being the most expensive game ever created, but we never really considered for a second Guerilla wouldn't make it all up (and then some) with the eventual sales. After all, you can expect some crazy huge hype for this one, and advertisements always help to deliver the consumer to the store.

Well, there have been some pretty wild and wholly unsubstantiated rumors over at Surfer Girl recently, so we won't put much stock in this one. From what we know, things are going along just fine with Killzone 2 , so until we hear any official doom and gloom, we won't really worry too much.

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