Now that we have the Grand Theft Auto IV release date saga all cleared up, we're still awaiting any official announcement regarding Free Radical's Haze . We've seen a good half-dozen different dates over the past month for this one, and not a one of them can be considered accurate.

Free Radical's only comment on the situation thus far is to say they want to take as much time as they need, and they'll keep us updated as things progress. The only problem is, gamers are getting a mite antsy. That's bound to happen when you say the game is supposed to arrive in the fall of 2007, then it drops off the map and we have a gigantic release window that spans between January and September of 2008. The latest release date comes from GameStop, though, and they say Haze will arrive on May 21. Until we see an official date from either Free Radical or Ubisoft, that's just a placeholder, but do they know something we don't? That's the question.

GameStop also says the game is headed to PC, which would be something new we haven't heard before. Remember, the game is still supposed to debut first on the PS3 and then follow later on the Xbox 360. Looks like we'll have to wait to hear from the developer or the publisher regarding that May 21 date, and the possible PC installment.

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