One of last year's EGM rumors that got a lot of attention was the possibility that Infinity Ward wouldn't be developing the next Call of Duty installment. Responsible for the fantastic Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , it seems the team would be moving on to other things and handing the reigns back to previous developer, Treyarch. Well, according to more information circulating throughout the Internet, this rumor is starting to prove true.

And not only will Treyarch be re-assuming the responsibility of giving us another awesome CoD experience, but they're also planning to bring the franchise back into the comfortable realm of the world's greatest war. Some die-hard fans of the series were a bit miffed to learn that Infinity Ward was abandoning the WWII premise for a "modern warfare" approach, but obviously, there was nothing to worry about. Without any doubt, CoD4 was the best CoD ever, so now , it's likely fans will be annoyed to learn the series is going back to WWII. Eh, you can't please everyone.

The rumor is starting to clear up now, as reports are starting to file in from everywhere, some even citing Activision as their source. Therefore, we think it's safe to say that Infinity Ward will not return for Call of Duty 5 , Treyarch will once again head the development, and our return to WWII is imminent. The big question is, can it possibly live up to the greatness that was CoD4?

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13 years ago

I liked COD3 and Treyarch's job making it, but after playing COD4, I've been addicted to it because of the great story and mplayer, Infinity did a great job… I'm kinda sad to see it go back to WWII and Treyarch's hands… But hopefully they can still pull off something magical.

Admin PSXE
Admin PSXE
13 years ago

I think we have had a bit too many WWII games, time to do something new.

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