Well, everyone can stop debating about the Grand Theft Auto IV release date – the official date is April 29 – but that only means the console loyalists can focus on the compare-and-contrast arguments between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The following information comes translated from Dutch gaming site XGN, and we learn a bit more about several GTAIV-related aspects.

First of all, if the source can be believed, it seems that the PS3 version is to blame for the initial delay. This isn't exactly surprising, considering the difficulty some developers have had with Sony's new hardware, but Rockstar has pushed past the system hang-ups. At this point, they say both versions look basically the same, which is excellent news for everyone. Furthermore, the previous belief that the Xbox 360 version would be the only one to receive downloadable content is inaccurate. While the 360 version does indeed get two exclusive downloadable chapters, the PS3 version will also receive all future downloadable content, which could include new cars, new weapons, and even new missions.

Now, we can't confirm the site's sources, but let's hope this information comes directly from Rockstar or Take-Two. If it doesn't, maybe the developer or publisher will confirm it before too long. It wouldn't be too shocking to learn the PS3 version took longer to develop, and we're not surprised at all that downloadable content won't be limited to the 360 version…considering that idea makes zero sense. We'll keep you up to date on all new GTAIV developments!

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