Yesterday, an anonymous Best Buy employee leaked a store scan that showed the retailer was planning to discontinue the 80GB PS3 model. It was "going closeout," and as of January 28 – which is next week – the model would no longer be available in their stores.

Sony has yet to comment on the matter, but ShackNews is reporting that SCEA will make an announcement over at the official PlayStation blog "soon." At this point, we're assuming Sony is only going to confirm what we already know- that they're halting distribution of the 80GB PS3 for good. They've already done it with the two previous models (60GB, 20GB), and they said at the time of the 40GB unveiling that it would eventually become the lone model available to consumers. However, they have also said they will "continue to evaluate consumer demand and market trends," and may introduce more PlayStation 3 models in the future based on that feedback.

So while that official reply isn't up at the PS blog just yet, we'd strongly suggest picking up an 80GB PS3 while you still have the chance. It probably won't be around for much longer; Best Buy is likely only the first retailer to drop the thing.

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