The console war is really starting to intensify, as the PS3 continues to gain ground, the 360 kind of remains steady, and the Wii seems to be losing some of its original steam that allowed it to take the early lead. Just about everyone is tossing in their predictions, and the latest to do so is Eat Sleep Play founder and God of War creator, David Jaffe.

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, he said that "when the dust settles," Sony's machine will be "close to ahead, if not totally ahead" of the Xbox 360. He also spoke about Twisted Metal: Head-On for the PS2 as well as the rise of the casual/shortplay game, but this is the bit that caught our attention; Jaffe's candid thoughts on his own game playing and the future of the console war. After saying he "barely plays" his Wii" and offering up the unpopular opinion that Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction is better than Super Mario Galaxy (we're with ya, Dave!), he added-

"And I think now we're just starting to see the idea that the PS3 is going to be capable of ultimately being the best system out there, in terms of delivering the best games and the best performance. And, you know, I love the fact that Blu-ray seems to be doing really well, and seems to be winning the format war. So I'm a big fan of the PlayStation 3.

Of course I wish it was a little less costly, I wish it had a bigger market share, but I think all that is just to come. I don't look at the situation and think that it's: "Where it is now is where it's going to be." I ultimately see it being pretty close to ahead, if not totally ahead, in terms of Xbox, in terms of market share when all the dust settles. I'm a big fan."

Yes, one could argue that, as a former Sony employee, he might feel "obligated" to say this, but the operative word in this sentence is "former." Besides, anybody who makes the games Jaffe does is certainly worth listening to, right? Now, all he needs to do is confirm that Twisted Metal PS3 project, and we'll be all kinds of happy…

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