It's always nice to get some rumor-busting from the guys in charge, who are usually members of the development team of the game in question. Several big rumors have been circulating throughout the Internet regarding the highly anticipated FPS sequel, Far Cry 2 . Just about every source, from EGM to the most obscure video game website, has provided their own thoughts on these rumors, which has only served to make them more visible.

However, in a recent video blog , creative director Clint Hocking quickly clarifies the two biggest rumors: first up, we had heard there'd be some sort of super mutation in this sequel, but as Hocking says, there won't be any such thing in Far Cry 2 . So no bizarre, supernatural activity goin' on with the main character. Secondly, and this one might disappoint PS3 owners, the game will most certainly not be exclusive to Sony's next-gen platform. This was one of the early rumors started by EGM's rumor mill, but Hocking says the title will be released simultaneously on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Well, that's fine.

Now that more info is starting to come to light regarding Far Cry 2 , we hope to provide you with even more details in the coming months. The original was one of the best PC games of 2004, and the series later had some high-quality installments on the Xbox. Let's hope we get another top-notch shooter this time around!

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