Ted Price, Insomniac President and CEO, now has his own blog dedicated to updates on one of the PS3's most anticipated launch titles, Resistance: Fall of Man. First posted yesterday, Price addresses questions fans have had regarding why they chose the PS3 ("We chose the PS3 because we believe that it has the best long-term potential of any next gen platform"), the game engine, and how Insomniac will be compressing more than 20 GB of level data into one Blu-Ray disc.

He also clarifies an earlier quote that got a ton of attention online, where he said, "It would have been very, very difficult to create Resistance on any other platform." Apparently, we crazed deadline-minded reporters missed a couple key words in that statement, as Price's full quote reads, "It would have been very, very difficult to create Resistance as designed on any other platform." Price goes on to say, "You make your design choices based on what you have available and the PS3 and Xbox360 are very different machines with different strengths. We designed Resistance with the PS3’s strengths in mind."

More game news will follow on the blog, but for now, Price only says they're "working hard to put in all the gravy," and has some general positive notes regarding the current development of this revolutionary FPS. And finally, to appease the technical glitch-searching anal players, Price adds, "…we're testing the bejesus out of the game – for single-player, co-op, and multiplayer."

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