Figures. Just as soon as a magazine supposedly confirms something, the development team steps up and shoots it down.

As you can see by that previous article, PSW magazine reported that a playable demo of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots would hit the PlayStation Store "in the next month." This flew in the face of the Kojima Productions report that there will be no playable demo for the game, so of course, we were a little concerned at first. But then, PSW got confirmation from a Konami representative, and that made everyone happy. …too bad it ain't true, so says Kojima team members Ryan Payton and Mark McDonald. In the latest edition of the Kojima Productions Report, they simply said, flat out- "there is no demo."

MGS4 is loosely scheduled for a June release at this point, but they say there will be no more delays and will certainly arrive during the second quarter. We had hoped a playable demo would pop up at some point, but we probably should've listened to these guys earlier. No matter what PSW or that Konami rep says, the developers have the final word. And that word isn't what fans wanted to hear, but at least we know the truth of things now.

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