While it's still scheduled to arrive in North America on March 18, European gamers are still wondering when they'll get an official release date for Gran Turismo 5: Prologue . They were hoping to get it at about the same time, but Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has refused to offer anything concrete.

The recent rumor was Prologue would hit European shores on March 28, only ten days after it releases here. However, a SCEE spokesperson told VideoGamer.com that any date we may find regarding a release is nothing but speculation:

"We have yet to confirm a European release date for GT5 Prologue, and will be making an announcement in due course."

Okay, well, we assume all you racing fanatics across the pond want this release date ASAP, so we'll keep an eye out for you. We've had to wait, too, of course, as this huge demo is already out in Japan. It released late last year and managed to sell over 100,000 units during its first week of availability. They love their racing over there, but then again, so do we. And so do the Euro gamers! Come on, SCEE, give 'em what they want!

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