Eesh. One more delay, and we're going to have start filing this one under the heading, "potential vaporware." C'mon, don't pull a Duke Nukem Forever , Ubisoft!

It seems Haze has been delayed yet again, as evidenced by Ubisoft's latest financial report. Initially expected to arrive last fall, we suffered through a barrage of estimated release dates that indicated anywhere between January and August, but now, it's just a big ol' "TBA." And it's not necessarily a "TBA 2008," either; Ubisoft expects the title to arrive "at some point during its 2008 fiscal year," according to ShackNews, which goes from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009. The last news we had regarding Haze was the supposed possibility it would hit in March, but obviously, that's not going to happen.

Haze is still supposed to debut on the PS3, with subsequent versions coming later on the Xbox 360 and PC. At first, it was advertised as a PS3 exclusive, but that quickly became untrue, as developer Free Radical revealed the 360 and PC plans. But as this highly anticipated FPS is supposed to hit the PS3 first, owners of Sony's next-gen platform must be disappointed to hear this news. Let's just hope it still comes out this year.

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