The early reviews for Devil May Cry 4 continue to flow, and Japan's biggest gaming magazine has just weighed in with their analysis of both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. There has been some question as to whether or not both versions would be identical, despite Capcom's insistent claims they would be. Well, the more we hear about it, the more it seems Capcom was telling the truth.

Famitsu awarded DMC4 three 9s and one 8 for both the PS3 and 360 versions, which is good news for everyone. We're continuing to see very positive reviews for the action blockbuster, and while it's not exactly surprising, it's still awfully encouraging. The demo arrives tomorrow in North America for the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace, and the full game ships on February 5. But that's not the only review of interest in the latest Famitsu edition; they also offer their analysis of Nippon Ichi's Disgaea 3 , which should drop in Japan on January 31. The strategy/RPG scored a solid set of four 8s, which also isn't all that shocking. The series has always been excellent right from the start, as it provides gamers with a downright obscene amount of deep and complex gameplay, all presented in a charming, sprite-based setting.

Unfortunately, while we're certain DMC4 is coming stateside, we currently don't have a release date for Disgaea 3 in North America or Europe. However, as all previous entries in the series made it here, we'll assume for the sake of argument that the third installment will come, too. Let's just hope it's soon!

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