Yesterday, UK retailer GAME got PS3 owners all excited …and apparently for nothing.

Ubisoft recently confirmed with that Splinter Cell: Conviction will not be headed to the PS3, and that release date of April 1 is also incorrect. The retailer simply made a mistake, and we're back to the original story- the game will only be made available on the Xbox 360 and PC, and April 1 most certainly is not the expected release date. "TBA 2008" is still official, and it probably means we won't see Conviction until later on this year.

"This is just a mistake by the retailer. The game is not coming out on PS3 nor is it coming out on April 1. We're sticking to the original announcement", said the spokesperson.

Originally, the next installment in the critically acclaimed franchise was supposed to arrive earlier, but it slipped late last year. Currently, it could arrive any time between now and early 2009, and that's all we know. So we remain very disappointed that Splinter Cell: Conviction won't be coming to the PlayStation 3, but hey, we figure if the 360 gets that one, we'll take Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots . …a fair trade, we say.

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