Japan knows it as Everybody's Golf , we know it as Hot Shots Golf , but what we didn't know is that the upcoming series entry for the PS3 will not be called Hot Shots Golf 5 when it releases in North America.

Over at the official PlayStation blog, the game's associate producer, Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, let us in on the newly branded HSG title, plus a few more juicy details. The game is now titled Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds , and he also says it will provide a next-gen golf experience "like you've never seen before." It seems we can expect more information on HSG:OoB over the next few weeks, as team members will throw up a bunch of stuff regarding all the new features! They'll talk about that new shot mechanic (we now have an option to the traditional 3-tap swing style), the new characters and soundtrack, and online play. We were one of the first to download the playable demo on the Japanese Store last year, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely…too bad we didn't get the game in 2008.

But we're getting it in March, so just remember: when you go to search for "Hot Shots Golf 5" upon its release, you'll be looking for a game entitled, Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds . Bring it on, SCEA!

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