Late last year, the GameSpot/Gerstmann fiasco hit the Internet like six tons of bricks, and ever since then, GameSpot employees have been dropping like flies. Several other important team members have left in the wake of Gerstmann's firing for "unknown" reasons (yeah, right), and it's painting a pretty dour picture of the biggest gaming site on the 'Net. However, Gerstmann and Co. may strike back.

Sam Kennedy of 1Up posted a full history of the debacle over at his blog, and in it, he hints at the possibility of Jeff Gerstmann and GameSpot founder Vince Broady starting up a website of their own…a competing site to "take on GameSpot." This may or may not be a good idea, but if it happens, we have the sneaking suspicion that many a gamer will support Gerstmann and Co. They certainly have the sympathetic vote at this point, as GameSpot is coming across as nothing more than the heartless corporate ogre. The true story may never be fully known, but sometimes, what matters most is reputation, and GameSpot's rep has been dealt a major blow. How can we really believe any game review if we see a giant ad for that very same game gracing the site? You may notice that we here at PSXE don't let any game ads influence our review scores…we have all kinds of integrity, and stuff.

Anywho, neither Gerstmann/Broady's site (if they do launch one) or GameSpot will have anything we don't have – well, nothing important – so there's certainly no reason to contemplate. We've got everything you need right here, so you be a good little reader and just speculate from afar, m'kay?

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