Rumors of a PS3 price cut circulated throughout the Internet yesterday and went on into the night, but everybody can calm down. We had already told you not to hold your breath , and as it turns out, we were right.

According to the Japanese Bloomberg site, President and Group Chief Executive Officer of SCE Kazuo Hirai has confirmed that there are currently no plans to drop the price of the PlayStation 3. And yes, he's referring to all regions (Japan, North America, Europe, etc.), so any rumor that says the 40GB PS3 will drop in price some time soon are false. Sony is calling it nothing but speculation, and it seems they're happy with the current price point of their next-gen hardware. There is another rumor going around that says Microsoft will drop the price of their Xbox 360 Premium to $299 when Grand Theft Auto IV releases, but that too is only Internet gossip. Just to clarify- nothing has been confirmed or announced regarding a hardware price cut for any next-gen console. There's always a chance it will happen, of course, but without anything official, all of it can be chalked up to rumor.

We'll certainly let you know if we hear anything that's even remotely concrete, but for now, Hirai and Sony have spoken. Perhaps when the super big titles of 2008 arrive – GTAIV is one of them, Metal Gear Solid 4 would be another one, and that's a PS3 exclusive – we'll hear more about a plausible price drop. But for now, it ain't happening.

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