How many times have we heard about a possible release date for Grand Theft Auto IV ? How many different dates have we had? Can anybody count them all? The only official word we have is that the game should arrive during the second quarter, which places it anywhere between February and April. But here's another bit of evidence that supports the previously rumored April 25 release date.

Here's what had to say about the issue-

"A North American stock-trading website called Tradingmarkets is carrying the news that Grand Theft Auto IV is '…scheduled to reach retailers in April.' When combined with an independent third-party source who has contacted SPOnG, we would actually place the release date as Friday April 25th."

Well, this certainly isn't the first time we're seeing that April 25 date. It would make sense and fit in with Rockstar and Take-Two's official time-line, and more than a few sources have reported that the 25th is indeed a reality. Let's hope this added info will coerce the developer or publisher into handing out the actual date soon…

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