There's a rumor that began circulating on the CheapAssGamer forum stating that the PlayStation 3 would be seeing a price-drop soon. Certain other members chimed in with their own "knowledge" and vouched for the rumor. The alleged details are a price-drop for the 40GB PlayStation 3 down to $299, which will occur on January 28th.

Now before you get all excited, do note that the chances of this being real are extremely thin. Seeing as how Sony only recently dropped the price of the PlayStation 3, I wouldn't expect them to do so again. Currently, Sony is selling the system at nearly no loss, as manufacturing costs of the unit have dropped dramatically. Additionally, the fire behind these rumors seems to have very little fuel. Generally, we'd have seen or heard indications of a price-drop from retailers, or retail employees. And thus far we've seen nothing.

That said, it's always fun to speculate. But come next Monday, January 28th, don't be surprised if nothing happens.

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