Naughty Dog has quickly become one of Sony's most important in-house development teams, as they're responsible for the esteemed Jak and Daxter series as well as the fantastic 2007 action/adventure title, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune . Those who have played it know it plays wonderfully but is also presented in a very cinematic style, which means – theoretically – it could make for a very smooth transition to the big screen.

In a recent interview with Naughty Dog Co-President Evan Wells, it seems the team would be very interested in developing an Uncharted movie. After all, everything about the game would be perfect for a flashy, big-budget "Indiana Jones"-type film. We've already got the excellent voice acting, awesome setting, decent story, and non-stop action, so you don't really need to add much; you simply need to recreate the Uncharted world in real life. As Wells said-

"…as for an Uncharted movie, we would love to see that happen. Obviously we designed the game to be a cinematic experience and we too feel that it would translate well to the big screen."

We'd love to see it happen, too. However, keep Uwe Boll as far away from the script as humanly possible! Don't make that mistake, Naughty Dog; you wouldn't want to sully the good name of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune , would you? We certainly hope that if the movie does become a reality, it will be one of the very few game-to-film adaptations that's actually good .

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