Sometimes, you just can't win; the rumors start if you say too much, and they can also start if you say too little. Guerilla found themselves in the latter group over the past weekend, thanks to a 1Up rumor that probably got blown way out of proportion.

Shane Bettenhausen of 1Up mentioned something he heard during the latest 1Up Yours Podcast: " Killzone 2 will come out in 2008 no matter what the quality." Obviously, this must mean the developers will push the game through, regardless of whether or not it's ready to go. After all, the game was initially scheduled to arrive in late 2007 – even though there has never been an official release date – and we've heard no word on that supposed beta test. Therefore, some have started to wonder how far along the game is, and if we'll even see it this year. It's a guarantee that all this talk sparked the Bettenhausen comment, but community forum leader, Guerrilla-EON, had a reply all ready:

“Speculation on a rumor based on gossip? We have consistently refused to advance a release date, so any discussion of a date is in the realms of pure speculation, don’t you think?”

Yeah, we have to agree. Ever since the Resistance 2 unveiling, Guerillia's hotly anticipated FPS has taken a backseat. But that's mainly because the developers simply aren't ready to discuss any more details at this time. Let's hope this changes soon, and we're confident they won't give us the game until it's polished to a glossy sheen.

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